Laser identification marking from Cajo

Consumers, machine builders and large manufacturing companies are demanding more environmentally friendly marking solutions.

Cajo recognise the growing demand for improved code quality and longer legibility without increasing costs. Using laser typically has a much lower total cost of ownership compared to more traditional methods such as inkjet, thermal transfer, or large character printing.

The benefits are evident: reduced maintenance due to fewer moving parts, reduced waste from ink spillage and the lasting visible longevity of marking.

Cajo has a patented laser method for marking colour and traceability markings without additives. It enables significant added value for material producers and other processors. This chemical free marking technology enables decrease of the carbon footprint by 90% compared with others, for example industrial inkjet printers.

Routeco are offering samples to receive some and to find out more, please get in touch by email.

Posted: 29/03/2022 11:08:50 by Leah McLaurin | with 0 comments