eBusiness Solutions


Whatever your business system, Routeco will have a solution to speed up your procurement process and free up valuable resource in key departments.  These solutions can be as simple as spreadsheet / EDI import right through to linking our business systems together for seamless electronic trading.

Our e-Solutions can offer you cost savings, not just by reducing the initial purchase price of the product, but through more efficient ordering, invoicing and delivery processes, all made possible by web-based systems.



The Routeco website allows you to check product prices, provide real-time product availability, track deliveries and place orders from a simple web browser application from anywhere in the world. Access to a supply-side catalogue of over 40,000 products is literally just a few clicks away.



eCommerce (Direct Connection)

If you are looking to integrate your buying application (such as SAP BBP) directly into the Routeco ERP system, you can now do so by exchanging data in formats such as HTML or XML. You will then have access to your own bespoke home page via the internet hosted by Routeco. The product is then selected via the Routeco search engine and information is presented back to the buying application in an electronic format. You can then, via your requisitioning process, place an order. This eliminates the need to ‘double enter’ information into both systems offering both efficiency and process savings.



We have seen an increase in the number of customers who wish to adopt a procurement strategy based on Marketplaces such as ARIBA. This technology will allow you to electronically procure a wide range of products through your buying application. At Routeco we have already created a number of buy-side catalogues tailored to meet your specific requirements, giving you control over costs and allowing you to avoid ad hoc spending.

To find out how you can integrate the Routeco eCommerce platform directly into your business systems and purchasing processes please contact us at [email protected]