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Modernising legacy equipment_img

Modernising legacy equipment

Find out how you can modernise your Variable Frequency Drives, PanelView™ terminals, FLEX™ I/O Adapters, PLC-5®, and SLC™ equipment with ProSoft Technology.

Smart Electronic Circuit Protection_img

Smart Electronic Circuit Protection

1694 Electronic Circuit Protection (ECP) Modules protect the secondary circuit of 24V DC switched mode power supplies.

Laser identification marking from Cajo_img

Laser identification marking from Cajo

Cajo recognise the growing demand for improved code quality and longer legibility without increasing costs. Using laser typically has a much lower total cost of ownership compared to more traditional methods such as inkjet, thermal transfer, or large character printing.

Routeco Statement: Ukraine Conflict_img

Routeco Statement: Ukraine Conflict

Important notice: Routeco ceases purchases/sales in Russia and Belarus

Book your visit to see the new Allen-Bradley E300 demo rig!_img

Book your visit to see the new Allen-Bradley E300 demo rig!

We have a new opportunity for you to gain hands-on experience of Allen-Bradley’s E300 demo rig! Our experienced Product Specialists will go through the set up and explain the benefits of having real-time motor diagnostic information.