Stay competitive in a global market with modernisation

Better Performance, Greater Flexibility and More Informed Decisions.

Justifying the risk and expense of control system upgrades is a challenge. Legacy systems operate in isolation and outdated equipment is costly to run. However, the threat of obsolescence may seem less daunting than upgrading. Today, smart manufacturing may cause you to rethink that.

Modern technologies highlighted in Industrial Internet of Things strategies are already helping forward-thinking manufacturers reap the benefits of Smart Manufacturing. To meet the demands of modern manufacturing, companies are looking to new technologies to optimize their processes and equip their people for higher performance and efficiency.

It's not about ripping out and starting again with Rockwell Automation so what is that initial question?

Where to Begin?

Review Your Installed Base to address your biggest obsolescence risks first.

To understand your obsolescence risk, begin by conducting a lifecycle analysis of your equipment, spare parts, and software inventory. A thorough review of this information will help you prioritise your modernisation needs and goals. We can help you shave weeks or even months off the process compared to doing it internally.

Active: Most current offering within a product category.

Active Mature: Product is fully supported but a newer product family exists. Gain value by migrating.

End of Life: Discontinued date announced – execute migration projects and last time buys. Product generally orderable until the discontinued date.

Discontinued: Product no longer manufactured or procured. Repair and remanufacturing services may be available.

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