E1 Plus to E100 Electronic Overload Relay

Migration Solutions - E1 Plus to E100 Electronic Overload Relay.

Why Upgrade or Migrate?

Rockwell Automation and Routeco understand that your overload relays are a critical asset in your automation system, and we support that by providing you with the latest technology to maximise your investment. New technologies can improve and extend the operation of existing equipment and provide an immediate boost to productivity.

By migrating from your legacy E1 Plus Overload to a new E100 Electronic Overload Relay, you can help to decrease downtime, increase speed to market, and optimise operations well into the future.

We will help you to meet ever changing industry demands to innovate by proactively planning and managing your transition every step of the way to help you get the highest possible return on your automation investment.

Check out the part number configuration table below:

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