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Learn more about the benefits of Allen-Bradley’s E300 Electronic Overload Relay and make an appointment to get real hands-on experience. During the demonstration, a member of our experienced product sales specialist team will go through the set up using Studio 5000 software, monitoring parameters and alarm outputs.  

This is a new opportunity to experience this free-of-charge demonstration so please email us to register your interest. We will bring the demo rig to your site or there are demo rigs at each of Routeco’s customer service centres.  

Benefits of Allen-Bradley’s E300 Electronic Overload Relay 

Electric motors are the backbone of today's modern industry providing the mechanical energy needed for most manufacturing processes. Push too hard, too often and there is the potential for unforeseen downtime while the affected motor shuts down and awaits reset.  

Did you know 75% of motor failures can be prevented by appropriate protection measures? 

The E300 overload relay provides real-time motor diagnostic information and indicates when a motor is having a problem and needs troubleshooting quickly to reduce downtime.   

E300 diagnostic information includes:  

  • Current % Thermal capacity utilisation  
  • Ground fault current  
  • Time to trip  
  • Voltage Time to reset  
  • Power Trip history  
  • Energy Trip snapshot  

Use Allen-Bradley’s E300 and be a part of the Connected Enterprise by getting the data in real time, the right time, and the right information to the right person.  

Register your interest in seeing the E300 demo rig by emailing us

Watch below and see an overview of the advantages of using E300 Electronic Overload Relays.  



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